PPCnerd Performance Metrics Dashboard

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PPCnerd Performance Metrics Dashboard

Achieve complete visibility over the performance of your Google Ads account/s and ensure that they are hitting performance targets every time. Completely automate the performance reporting process in Google Ads with the PPCnerd Performance Metrics Dashboard script. Currently available for Manager (MCC) accounts and coming soon to Individual accounts.

PPCnerd Script Features:

  • Automatically pulls in the month-to-date data for key performance metrics (Conversions, CPA, Conversion Value and ROAS) and compares it to user defined performance targets.
  • Automatically pulls in the month-to-date data for cost/spend metrics and shows % pacing towards user defined monthly budget targets.
  • Smart automatic conditional formatting to easily show which accounts are overperforming or underperforming, overspending or underspending.
  • Forecasts where each key performance metric will arrive by the end of the month, based on current month-to-date data.
  • Capability for performance targets to be set at the account level, allowing the other scripts in the PPCnerd stack to optimize towards each account's performance targets.
  • Option to set performance targets manually or automatically, based on the last 90 days performance.
  • Option to run this script on all accounts within an MCC or only on selected accounts based on account label names.
  • Option to run this script on all campaigns or only on selected campaigns based on campaign label names.
  • Works with the PPCnerd Site Downtime Checker script to show which accounts are currently experiencing site downtime, with automatic conditional formatting for easy site downtime identification.

Download this script instantly now. Includes automatic feature updates. Recommended to run this script hourly for maximum visibility of key account performance metrics.

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