Google Ads previously known as AdWords.

Total Google Ads automation. Countless hours saved. No expensive software.

Optimizing Google Ads campaigns is often a very time-intensive task, frequently involving the analysis of multiple reports and taking action on a daily basis. If you are managing large or multiple accounts, these manual optimizations can take up most of your day, every day. PPC automation allows those optimizations to be executed programmatically so that much of the campaign optimization work can be automated. The thing is, PPC automation can be very expensive with software costing up to several thousand of dollars per month. With Google Ads Scripts, businesses with some engineering resources can implement these very same automations by building their own programs and running them at a fraction of the cost. But if your business doesn't have the code development resources to build these scripts, this is where PPCnerd comes in. Download PPCnerd Scripts and install them into your Google Ads accounts today to save countless hours off your workflow, without the expensive software.


What are the best automation scripts for your Google Ads account?