Bing Ads now known as Microsoft Advertising.

Bing Ads Scripts stack for Microsoft Advertising automation. Coming soon.

The Microsoft search network, which encompasses both Bing and Yahoo has been rapidly growing its user base over the past few years. Although Google remains the most widely used search engine in most part of the world, the Microsoft search network has grown to a point that it owns a significant share of total search traffic volume. As a result, Microsoft Advertising (previously known as Bing Ads) has become an increasingly important alternative paid traffic channel for PPC managers as it enables advertiser reach across both Bing and Yahoo. With the recent release of Bing Ads scripts API by Microsoft, we here at PPCnerd have been working hard to provide support for our entire automation script stack to run on the Microsoft Advertising platform. Additional PPC channels such as Bing Ads means additional work for the PPC manager, which is why PPCnerd Scripts will soon be available for Microsoft Advertising so you can start automating your Microsoft Advertising management workflow today.


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