Google Ads previously known as AdWords.

Manage all your Google Ads automation script settings in one single place.

With PPCnerd Scripts, you only need to install each script once into your Google Ads account and then you can manage all of your PPC automation script settings in the PPCnerd Control Center, built on the familiar Google Sheets. Installation is as simple as copying the code from your PPCnerd Script download and pasting it into the Scripts area of your Google Ads account. After that, if you need to make automation setting changes, there is no need to log into your Google Ads account to touch any code. Just make those adjustments in the PPCnerd Control Center and it will be automatically pushed to your PPCnerd automations. Best of all, if we release any updates to our PPCnerd Scripts you don’t need to do anything as the scripts will update themselves without you having to install them again. Download PPCnerd Scripts and start exploring the PPCnerd Control Center today.


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