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Optimize everything in your accounts automatically.

Account Health

Automate all Google Ads account health tasks to QUICKLY identify trends and potential issues - and ensure overall performance is at the absolute BEST.

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Search Campaigns

Automate all Google Search Campaigns to increase conversions, lower cost-per-acquisition and achieve incredible return on investment FAST.

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Display Campaigns

Automate all Google Display Campaigns to boost brand awareness and maximize conversions at the best cost-per-acquisiton INSTANTLY.

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Video Campaigns

Automate all Google Video Campaigns to RAPIDLY dominate YouTube and drive the most conversions through video at the lowest cost-per-acquisition.

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Shopping Campaigns

Automate all Google Shopping Campaigns to ACCELERATE e-commerce product sales and get more customers at the lowest cost-per-acquistion.

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App Campaigns

Automate all Google Universal App Campaigns to SWIFTLY get more mobile application installs at the lowest possible cost-per-install.

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Custom Solutions

Can't find what you need and require a more custom Google Ads automation script solution? We can build it for you today.

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Made with advanced Javascript.

Every single one of the automation scripts from PPCnerd is coded with advanced Javascript, built from the latest developments in Google Apps Script, AdWords Script Methods, AdWords Query Language (AQWL) and AdWords API. We've done all the hard coding work, so you don't have to. Just download any script you like, install it in your Google Ads account and experience PPC automation like never before.

Complete automation control.

The PPCnerd Control Center gives you complete control over all your PPC automation script settings on one single Google Sheet. So you can make live changes without having to log into your Google Ads account or touching any code.

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You don't have to be a huge enterprise with expensive tools to automate your PPC advertising. We believe businesses of all sizes that are running ad campaigns on Google's Search or Display networks should benefit from PPC automation. Whether you're a freelancer, small to medium sized business owner, PPC account manager working within a larger company, or a digital agency managing multiple client accounts, PPCnerd makes PPC automation affordable for everyone. There are no huge costs to use PPCnerd Scripts. Start downloading the PPCnerd scripts you need for FREE and use it on any Google Ads account of your choosing. 

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Here's what some PPCnerd users have to say.

"Since implementing our AdWords automation with PPCnerd Scripts, we have very efficiently reduced wasted ad spend on areas that don't produce conversions, allowing us to be under our target CPA".

– Daniel (Search & Display Manager)

"PPCnerd has made automation a total breeze with our AdWords campaigns. We can now spend less time on optimization and more time focusing on strategy that grows our business".

– Ben (Chief Marketing Officer)

"We have reduced the time spent on optimization tasks by over 80% using PPCnerd Scripts across our client accounts. Best of all, we've been able to reach our CPA targets with almost no effort at all".

– Gemma (Agency Account Director)

"With PPCnerd, I can do so much more in AdWords with even much less time. What used to take me hours to do now just takes seconds. I don't think I can run efficient campaigns now without PPCnerd".

– Nathan (PPC Freelancer)

"These scripts are better and even more cost effective than most other software. Saves me so much time every day and the helpful email notifications for each automation means im always on top of all our campaigns. Great work guys."

– Xie (Search Team Lead)

"I've tried a lot of Adwords scripts out there and these scripts makes implementation of ppc automation so easy. These Adwords scripts are great because they are applicable to almost all accounts and gives really good reliable results!"

– Dave (Head of Paid Media)

"Absolutely the BEST customer support I have had in a long time. Team was super fast in getting back to me and helping me with getting the scripts implemented in our account. Could not be happier, thanks guys."

– Thomas (Search Analyst)

"All the other scripts I've tried are really hard to set up, but your deployment process makes it a total breeze. Customer support simply amazing, will be a user for a long time. You guys really care about your users."

– Harvey (Account Manager)

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