Google Ads previously known as AdWords. Real feature and price comparisons but competitor names have been removed for vendor privacy.

PPC automation software and tools feature comparison.

Discover the best automation tool for your PPC optimization and management tasks.

Features PPCnerd Scripts PPC Software A PPC Software B PPC Software C PPC Software D
Price Range $29-$129/mo $97-$997/mo $249-$449/mo $99-$549/mo $395-$9900/mo
Google Ads Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Up to 50 Unlimited Up to 500
Ad Spend Limits Unlimited Unlimited Up to $500k Up to $500k Up to $1M
Account Budget Management
Site Uptime Monitoring
Link Uptime Monitoring
Master Negatives Syncing
Weekly Trend Analysis
Performance Anomaly Detection
Keyword Bid Optimizations
Quality Score Tracking
Ad Creative Optimization
Conversion Optimization
CPA Optimization
ROAS Optimization
Search Query Analysis
Negative Keyword Management
Positive Keyword Expansion
Keyword Deduplication
Location Bid Management
Location Target Expansion
Location Exclusion Management
Device Bid Management
Hour of Day Bid Management
Day of Week Bid Management
Audience Bid Management
Demographic Bid Management
Click Fraud Prevention
Placement Target Expansion
Placements Target Exclusion
Impressions Optimization
Search Campaign Optimization
Display Campaign Optimization
Video Campaign Optimization
Shopping Campaign Optimization

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