PPCnerd Hourly Power Scheduler for Search

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PPCnerd Hourly Power Scheduler for Search

Stop wasting time on analyzing which hours of the day perform better or worse in your search campaigns. Completely automate the hour of day ad scheduling process on Google Ads Search campaigns with the PPCnerd Hourly Power Scheduler for Search script. Designed for both individual and manager (MCC) accounts.

PPCnerd Script Features:

  • Determines the hours of the day on search campaigns which are above or below a target conversion metric and adjusts bids for determined hours based on specified bid adjustment amount.
  • Option to include conversion volume, CPA or ROAS as optimization strategy in the determination of hour of day bid adjustments for search campaigns.
  • Works on all hours of the day for all Search Campaign Types.
  • Option to run this script on all accounts within an MCC or only on selected accounts based on account label names.
  • Option to run this script on all search campaigns or only on selected search campaigns based on campaign label names.
  • Sends an email summary of all search campaigns that have new hour of day ad schedules with complete list of bid adjustments by hour of day to any nominated email addresses.

Download this script instantly now. Includes automatic feature updates. Recommended to run this script weekly or monthly for maximum automated control of hour of day ad scheduling on search campaigns.

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