PPCnerd Site Downtime Checker

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PPCnerd Site Downtime Checker

Stop wasting ad spend on clicks that can still occur when your whole site goes down, and stop wasting time having to pause your campaigns every time your site is unfortunately down. Completely automate the site downtime checking and campaign pausing process on Google Ads with the PPCnerd Site Downtime Checker script. Designed for both individual and manager (MCC) accounts.

PPCnerd Script Features:

  • Pings the root domain of your account's main target site, checks the response of your site and determines if your site is experiencing any downtime.
  • Pauses all enabled campaigns in the event of site downtime. 
  • Unpauses all campaigns that were paused during the site downtime, when site is back online again.
  • Option to run this script on all accounts within an MCC or only on selected accounts based on account label names.
  • Option to run this script on all campaigns or only on selected campaigns based on campaign label names.
  • Sends an email summary with complete list of all campaigns that are paused as a result of site downtime, as well as all campaigns that are unpaused when site is online again, to any nominated email addresses.

Download this script instantly now. Includes automatic feature updates. Recommended to run this script hourly for maximum automated checking of site downtime.

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